Foods that are put into the machine are quickly frozen in temperatures up to -40 degrees celsius then the ice is evaporated away from the food by the vacuum effect created around the food.
Spin flashdryer machine is a system that consists dough feeding, dough chopping, fast drying, decomposing the dried product from the air and dust collection processes.
Most food products can be processed industrially in various techniques. One of these techniques is processing technology with extrusion.
Our company was established in 2016 in Konya organized industrial zone. Our company prioritizes domestic and national production in machine and machine automation sector with innovative approach. It manufactures at R&D center and 600 m² area in İnnopark Campus located in Konya organized industrial zone.
It make the production of Makotom Freeze Dryer, Extruder and Spin Flash Dryer. It also carries out the project-based facility installation. The latest technology is used in makotom products.
High drying efficiency and low energy costs,
Continuous process with short drying time,
Low operator costs and minimum maintenance costs,
Smaller space requirement than Flash Dryer,
State-of-the-art automation systems are available for the Spin Flash dryer facilities that provide full automatic control, process optimization, data logging, traceability and maintenance planning.
Color, flavor and nutritive values of the products dried with Freezedryer do not spoil. With other keeping methods such as canned food and dehydration, nearly 50% of the nutritive values in foods disappears. In Freezedryer method, there is no loss of nutritive value. In addition, color, smell, taste, deformation does not occur in foods, it does not shrink and harden foods. Food can be stored for years as long as there is no water and oxygen to disrupt food.
This type of food, which requires engineering knowledge, is a rapidly developing production sector in industrialized societies.
The extruders do not produce any waste water or any ecological hazardous material that may cause environmental pollution.
Production capacities are high. It requires less total energy for each tone of production than the known cooking methods.
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